Basic Fax Cover Sheet Printable Template PDF Word Sample

Basic Fax cover sheet is used by many businesses around the world. Fax machines are still in fashion, even though there is a huge advancement in technology and many alternatives are there. Actually, the number of people sending fax messages are increasing progressively from 2015. If you use fax to communicate, then you should do it properly with a professionally built basic fax cover sheet template. You must be sending an important fax and why would you want to ruin that with a poor fax cover sheet. A properly made fax cover sheet will ensure that the outcomes are organized, informative, as well as looking aesthetically good to create a great impact on the recipient.

There are many types of fax cover sheets such as;

Let’s talk about basic fax cover sheets in detail.

What is a Basic Fax Cover Sheet?

A basic cover sheet is used by most of the businesses to send a normal fax message which is not confidential or personal. However, you can make changes in a basic cover sheet to make it suitable for other types of fax messages as well.

Use any word processing software to create a basic cover sheet or else download a template from below and then make changes in it to save your time and efforts.

What’s Included in a Basic Fax Cover Sheet?

A basic fax cover sheet covers the following information.

  • The word “FAX” should be written with a good font in big size.
  • Sender information such as company name, phone, FAX number, address, etc.
  • Recipient information such as name, address, etc.
  • mention the date
  • mention the number of fax pages
  • Your message
  • include company logo & tagline if you want to.

Download Basic Fax Cover Sheet Printable Template in Word Editable Format

A printable fax cover sheet is very basic with Fax written in bold outline at the top, and room for key information about the sender and intended recipient.

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Download Basic Fax Cover Sheet in .doc Word format

Download Basic Fax Cover Sheet in .jpg format