Confidential Fax Cover Sheet Template Microsoft Word Sample

Over a period of time, technology has evolved a lot, but still, people use fax machines to send their important and confidential document. A fax cover sheet is faxed to the recipient before sending the actual fax message. Through a fax cover sheet, the recipient will get to know the following information:

  • what a fax is all about,
  • who is sending it, and
  • what actions are expected of him/her

There are many types of fax cover sheets which are used for different purposes. Confidential Fax Cover Sheet is one of the most important and downloaded types which is used by people around the world to fax document which is confidential or require privacy.

What is a Confidential Fax Cover Sheet?

Confidential Fax Cover Sheet is used to maintain the privacy of communication and information. Generally used by people before sending a message which requires privacy. Sending a confidential fax cover sheet signals the recipient that the information is sensitive or confidential and only a specific recipient is allowed to access the information. Use confidential fax cover sheet for such communication to keep the privacy to be absolutely upheld. Such templates are often used in business to keep sensitive information secure. This printable is labeled confidential.

Privacy is a major concern these days. There are numerous alternatives available to send a document but still, you choose the method of fax because this is more secure and the chances of getting hacked here are comparatively less. A confidential fax cover sheet is labeled as “CONFIDENTIAL” in bold along with personal information such as the names and fax numbers of the recipient and sender, a subject of the document and the sending date. Keep the sensitive business information secure with the help of a confidential fax cover sheet.

Why Use a Confidential Fax Cover Sheet?

Whenever you send a fax message, there is no guarantee that only an intended person will read it. If you’re sending a business message to your partner then there are chances that some other authorized person will read it. What if you want to send some confidential information for your business partner only?

Well in such cases, where you want only a specific person to access the sensitive information, you use Confidential fax cover sheet. In order to protect the confidentiality of faxes, you can create a confidential fax cover sheet and attach it to all outgoing confidential fax messages.

Important Tips for Using Confidential Fax Cover Sheet

Here are a few tips which must be taken into consideration while preparing a Confidential Fax Cover Sheet.

  • Use A4 size paper sheet, make sure to cover sheet in one page only.
  • The word “CONFIDENTIAL” should be written in bold with a good large font.
  • A statement of confidentiality should be written at the bottom of the cover sheet. This will protect the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Download Confidential Fax Cover Sheet Template Microsoft Word Sample

Below you can see a sample of Confidential Fax Cover Sheet Microsoft template. Use this template to make your cover sheet. You can make changes in a template after downloading it.

You can also create a Confidential Fax Cover Sheet from scratch using any Word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Google Docs. However, if you want to save some time and efforts then it’s advised to use the template shared above. Some organizations require the confidential fax cover sheet to have a fax disclaimer that states the information is confidential and intended for use only by the recipient.


Send a Confidential Fax Cover Sheet before sending any confidential information via fax. Give privacy a priority using the simple Confidential Fax Cover Sheet template.